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  Author  Subject: Need help with FPSE

Posted on 07-14-2005 04:25 p.m. ET  reply

I have FC2 running with Apache (latest ver) with FPSE installed. It will work with on site but I cannot get it to work on the other sites. Any help would be great.
Scott Brady  

Posted on 07-15-2005 03:07 p.m. ET  reply

I assume by FPSE you mean FrontPage Server Extensions.

How do you have Apache configured to handle the "other" sites? You may need to add configuration directives to the Apache configuration file that tells it to use the FrontPage module. Apache also makes a distinction between the main or normal site and virtual hosts. It could be that FrontPage is configured for the main site and not the virtual hosts.

Of course this is all speculation. I would need more information on your configuration to say any more.

Posted on 07-27-2005 07:47 a.m. ET  reply

Yes FrontPage Server Ext.
There are 5 sites setup in Apache - virtual sites. The first site here is In FPSE the primary site and the one with working FPSE is

I understand what your saying, I just don't know how/what to fix. I have tried to change (add) FPSE via the admin page at FPSE port. It usally returns an error (I cannot remember what it is off the top of my head. When I get a chance I'll try it again).

Apache works fine servering all the sites, FPSE works good on the one site. However, I now need to add FPSE to the other sites.

Q1. Do I need to add modules for each virtual site?

Q2. Do I need to change the current module to allow FPSE to work on all sites?

Q3. Do I need to learn/figure out how to put the correct path, etc into FPSE? I think I'm doing it right but not 100% certain.


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