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  Author  Subject: Hello, let me introduce myself

Posted on 10-05-2005 06:15 p.m. ET  reply

just joined the list. My name is Todd, I've been using Debian for almost 8 years now... Now that I look back on it, it seems like a long time.

I've used various flavors of linux over the years, Debian, RedHat, Slackware, peanut linux, etc. But have always come back to Debian (or a flavor of it.)

But how did you start you ask? I thought it would be fun to learn the ropes on a dec udb alpha machine. Learn linux and have a cool machine at the same time or so I thought... After I spent 2 years at the command line I had learned quite a bit of the command line and finally was able to get X-windows to start (Things move slower on an alpha machine for me at least but at least I'm persistent I guess.) Having to teach yourself the stuff makes things interesting (and take longer) But is rewarding.

I got into Debian because it was the only thing I could get the alpha to run on. But I fell in love with its apt-get package system. The ease of apt-get is amazing. After attempting to use RH's rpm system I quickly switched back. It all comes down to time for me, I don't have time to chase down dependencies.

Iím a big fan of just installing what I need in software (or only one program that can do the job) which makes the micro-installs of Debian appeal to me install them and configure to your taste. My famous line is 'This shouldn't take long at all, I'm really close...'

Right now I use Ubuntu for its ease of configuration, use, and package management. I don't have time to re-compile kernels, modules, etc. I just want it to 'work' and Ubuntu does just that for me.

Anyway, just wanted to join a forum that was semi-close to where I live (finger lakes area) and that had something to do with one of my interests. Right now I'm starting to play around with embedded linux which for me is a fun and will prove to be quite a learning experience Iím sure.

So, Hi to all. I hope that I can help out now and then with problems you are having. That is of course, if I've had the same issue at one point myself.


Posted on 10-05-2005 06:16 p.m. ET  reply

Hmm, I apparently hadn't signed in when I posted that. Sorry


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