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  Author  Subject: New to Linux

Posted on 12-21-2000 09:04 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: JustBabs

I'm new to the Linux community. I'm running WinLinux2000. While I have many
questions, I need to start at the beginning. When I boot WinLinux, I can't
read all the errors that appear on the screen during boot. Something about
block modules? I also saw something about DMA conflicts. When I enter KDE
most everything seems to work ok. Some major problems, though. No internet
access! I can't seem to configure for Road Runner. I have installed the Road
Runner Utility that provides my user name and password. What do I do about
obtaining an IP address? RR doesn't allow for fixed IP addresses. I also
need to find a list of commands for Linux. Is there a Linux for Dummies out

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