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  Author  Subject: response to JustBabs

Posted on 12-21-2000 07:05 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill


I'm new to the Linux community.


I'm running WinLinux2000. While I have many
questions, I need to start at the beginning. When I boot WinLinux, I can't
read all the errors that appear on the screen during boot. Something about
block modules? I also saw something about DMA conflicts.

>You can view all of these messages at your leisure. Just open a terminal and
type "dmesg" (no quotes.) you need not be root.

When I enter KDE
most everything seems to work ok. Some major problems, though. No internet
access! I can't seem to configure for Road Runner. I have installed the Road
Runner Utility that provides my user name and password.

>If you live in the CNY area, you don't need the rr login.

What do I do about obtaining an IP address? RR doesn't allow for fixed IP

> That's correct. Roadrunner uses DHCP. To get your connection going, you'll
need to do the following:

1. Configure your NIC card correctly for IRQ and Base I/O.
2. Install the dhcpcd client. In Redhat or Mandrake, it's available as an
rpm on the installation CD.
3. Configure networking using netconf (or whatever it is in WinLinux.)

I've not used WinLinux, and don't even know what it looks like.

I also
need to find a list of commands for Linux. Is there a Linux for Dummies out

Believe it or not, I think I did see such a thing at the Barnes and Noble on
Erie Blvd. But all of this is available on the net. You might go to There are some very good links.

If you're really stuck on getting your rr connection, feel free to give me a
call btwn 7 and 9 PM tonight (Dec 21) or tomorrow night after 7:30 PM.

Good Luck!

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