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  Author  Subject: 21" monitors for sale.

Posted on 12-21-2000 07:25 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello all:

I've several Hitachi Superscan Elite (model# CM701U) 21" monitors for sale.

They are approximately 2 years old and in mint condition. Will do 1600 x 1200.

Asking price is $275, but for SLUG members or readers of this forum I'll sell
them for $225. Refurbished Hitachi 21's with these specs are going for $800
and up on the net--plus shipping from California. Feel free to call be between
9:30 AM and 5:00 PM at 315 449 9937. I do have one setup on display. The $225
price if you were to pick them up at my office. If we have to box them up, the
price is $250 plus shipping. There is NOTHING wrong with these, but few of my
customers want them as they are so big. Ideal for CAD work, graphics and

I've also too much other used and refurbished gear to list. Call and ask if
you are looking for something specific. I've hundreds of used hard drives up
to 2.5 GB, NIC cards (mostly 3Com 509B ISA's) SB 16 sound cards and much much
more. All items have a 60 day warranty. I'm working on getting together an
inventory listing for my website but it's a daunting task. Don't see it
happening before late January.

I do NOT have any hardware modems --external or otherwise--but am looking for

Also out of inkjet printers at the moment, but do have DM's

If you call, ask for Dennis.

Happy Holidays!

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