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  Author  Subject: Re: Linux Red Hat on Compaq Prosignia

Posted on 12-30-2000 02:05 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Well, the first thing is what type of controller does it have? Is it
on-board? Also, how old is the machine, what's the CPU type, and
what's the bus type (PCI, VLB, EISA)?

Is this an old 486 with an on-board NCR 53c710 controller? Go to the
bottom of this page and browse the June 2000 archive. Someone else
had one of these (a Compaq Prosignia VS) that we eventually got
working after much effort. And it's now the SyrLUG web server!

The 53c710 will not work well in Linux. If that's the controller, you
have two options. (1) Disable the 710 and use another controller
(that's what we did in the other machine), or (2) download some custom
kernel patches and try to piece together a kernel that will work.

Also, can you get into the BIOS? If it's like the other Compaq,
you'll need to download some BIOS boot disks just to get your foot in
the door.


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