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  Author  Subject: Re: Scott's Roadrunner Problem...

Posted on 11-03-2000 07:42 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey


First, and I know you've probably already got this covered:

- Double-check to make sure you have pump, dhcpcd,
dhcp-client, or dhcpxd installed. The network config
scripts die without any errors or even a warning if you
don't have those installed.

- Double-check to make sure you don't have MULTIPLE dhcp
clients installed. /sbin/ifup searches for them in this
1. dhcpcd
2. dhclient
3. dhcpxd
4. pump
...and uses the first one it finds, which may not be
what you want.

- Check to make sure you don't have ipchains killing
packets it shouldn't.

Second, the /sbin/ifup script has a typo, in my Mandrake
7.1 install. Yours might as well. Check out lines 110-114.
Mandrake 7.1's default install looks like this:

110: pump|dhcpcd)
114: dhcpxd)

Configured like that, it will die on a machine with
multiple ethernet interfaces. (Like my router box. Took me
3 days to find this the first time!) Fix it by changing the
lines to look like this:

110: pump)
114: dhcpcd|dhcpxd)

Third. I don't use pump anymore. I haven't for quite some
time. My memory (in my brain, not my PC) is worse that a
90-year-old's with alzheimers, so I can't recall the exact
reason why. But I know these things to be true:

- I used to have similar problems logging onto
- I no longer use pump. Now I use dhcpcd.
- I no longer have problems.

Give an alternate dhcp client, just execute it on its own
with a verbose switch or two, and see if it can grab the
dhcp info properly.

If it's still broken after all that, post back or email.

Good luck,

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