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  Author  Subject: Response to Ted Byrd- ATI TV tuner problems

Posted on 11-03-2000 08:07 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey

I used to have one of those ATI TV Tuner cards, although it was an older one.
I think I finally managed to make it work, once, but it was a looooong time
ago, when I first got into linux.

The screen blinking on and off-- Dont you HATE that?? What a pain. That's
happening because your computer is configured to "start in graphical mode",
meaning, "launch Xwindows when it starts up". But, if your X Window System is
not configured properly, the stupid machine will sit there and continually
switch into graphics mode, realize it's not configured properly, let the
graphics server die, and then TRY AGAIN over and over and over... until it
decides (a seemingly random number of hours later) that it's been happening
too much. And I've found there's very little you can do to interrupt this
process, besides Ctrl+alt+del to reboot.

How to fix the blinking? Start linux in single user mode by typing
boot=single (I think... somebody verify that for me?) at the LILO boot menu
when you start the thing up. Then, when you finally log in, use 'linuxconf'
or 'drakxconf' or whatever flavor of configuration tool you're used to using
to make it so your machine does NOT "start up in grapical mode".

Helping you fix your Xwindow coinfiguration could take me a book's worth of
advice, and you may not even be successful then, so you're on your own (or
somebody else here) for that part of your setup.

And as for the ATI card, it's been so long since I've even seen one of those,
I wouldn't be able to help you there either :-(

Good luck.

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