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  Author  Subject: re: NT Domain Login

Posted on 11-06-2000 07:45 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Scott Brady

> I can mount 95-ME shares. What i can't
> do is get other computers to see my computer
> in network neighborhood, to access my printer
> and usr shares.

You need to install a program called Samba. It will allow you to share files
and printers located on your Linux box.

While the installation of Samba is easy, the configuration file can be very
complicated to work out. There are multiple commands that do the same thing
and the syntax isn't always clear (i.e. "read only = no" instead of, say,
"writeable = yes").

The following tutorials should be of some assistance.

If you run into any trouble feel free to post your problem here and we'll see
what we can do to find a solution. :-)

Scott Brady

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