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  Author  Subject: Response to M Krentel

Posted on 11-08-2000 09:06 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello Mark:

I'm well aware of the issues and would love to turn off java. The problem is,
as you point out, is that this is becoming increasingly difficult. You mention
other distros on *nix---it's still a browser issue. Hate to say it, but I may
well have to go to Solaris for browsing--as the port of MSIE that Mindsoft did
is not perfect but better than the present situation.

Mikey or someone else said it...MS could suck the chrome offf a rusty trailer
hitch...and at the same time 98% of memory and CPU. I could live with it if I
could do a kill...but often it grabs so much even that won't work.

I don't wish to hear about Mozilla or Opera or Galeon or others. I'm dreaming
and looking for a solution that actually works.

Cheers, dr oneill

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