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  Author  Subject: Uplink port on my hub

Posted on 05-06-2000 10:12 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey

This isn't Linux per se, but I started thinking about it while working on
setting up my liux-based firewall with IPchains... so maybe it could logically
follow. I'm fairly sure we have some network folks in the group who should be
able to answer this :-)

What is the "Uplink" port on my network hub? How would I use it?

Thanks folks,

P.S. A friend of mine just purchased a Linxsys "Instant Broadband Etherfast
Cable/DSL Router". It serves as a 4-port network switch that does masquerading
(i think), firewalling, and port forwarding, all in one nice little bitty blue
box. It sits in between the cable/DSL modem and your local network. No use
to me since I already have my linux box doing the same... but maybe people
feeling daunted by IPchains or who want to buy a used PC for the sole purpose
of setting up a firewall/masquerade server would be interested.

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