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  Author  Subject: response to Scott Brady re: Netscape

Posted on 11-09-2000 07:23 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hi Scott:

Scott wrote:

I would venture a guess that you have not tried Mozilla in a few builds. You
certainly have not tried M18.

True, Scott. M16 or M17 was the last

I've been following Mozilla since M4. I know how far the project has come.
I've seen the progress with my own eyes. Until you can show me something
better my bets are on Mozilla.

I can't show you anything better but would love to see it.

p.s. I've actually noticed even greater stability of Mozilla since I switched
to Debian 2.2.

And will all of the necessary plug-ins work with Mozilla? Wonder if you'd be
kind enough to go to and watch a few shorts--then let
me know if all worked well with RealPlayer etc. If I need to switch to Debian
I will.

Also Scott...could you send me your e-mail address. Need to discuss the issues
involved in incorporating SLUG. Also have a draft of the constitution for your



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