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  Author  Subject: response to scott brady

Posted on 11-10-2000 08:00 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hi Scott:

Good to hear of your success at atom. Guess I'll have to dload M18--after I do
a fresh install. Have been running QNX for a few months on the desktop box
but decided to put it on the lappie today. As my CD burner is dead, I'd to
dload the version that installs in Win rather than an ISO.

Very nice still, but could not yet get the ne2K PCMCIA card going. Am working
on this issue with a friend in Dublin. I'm back where I started in *nix long
ago--get the NIC going and all is well.

Anyway...I'd a small Win partition and dropped in QNX. OK for a while, but
when I later tried to boot back into Linux the partition table was so
corrupted that even a rescue disk was no help. Thanks be to God for a lappie
will swappable HDD's.

Will redo the primary drive tomorrow.



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