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  Author  Subject: reading smith corona p.w.p.5000 disks

Posted on 11-29-2000 09:07 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: joseph schiff


for years i have been saving my personal information to 3 and a half inch
disks, formatted I.B.M., with a Smith Corona Personal Word Processor 5000

recently, i was hauled, kicking and screaming and protesting all the way,
into the computer age with the purchase of a used Dell OptiPlex GXi, running
at 200 mhz with a 2.3 gig harddrive, 32 mhz RAM, etc., etc.

however, there is no way i can read my SCM formatted disks.

one suggested way was to reformat all information into ascii and read them on
dos-prompt, which sounds good in theory, except that most of my "files" are
much too long for dos and are rejected, even if reformatted into ascii.

i have been searching for a software program that would translate my files
into a readable form for windows without losing the enhancements in the
original files (boldface, indents, centering, etc.).

i was told that linux could do this for me.

question, "true," or "false?"

if true, how do i go about it?

if false, have you any suggestions as to what might be a viable solution?

thank you.


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