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  Author  Subject: Good price on USR external modems

Posted on 10-11-2000 07:44 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello All:

While in Sam's Club (the members- only division of Walmart) on Erie Blvd
today, I noticed they have 3Com/USR external 56k modems for $49.95. Can't say
I've ever seen a better price on this modem, even via mail order. This is an
ideal solution for Winmodem owners.

They also have Western Digital 7200 RPM HDD's for $189 but with a $30 mail-in
rebate. At $160 plus tax, a terrific buy....the best price I found on the net
for the same drive was $173 plus $15 shipping--and that was from an outfit in
California I've never heard of.



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