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  Author  Subject: Fix of window size

Posted on 10-13-2000 10:04 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Gary Stevenson

Thanks for your response Dr. I -duh- never thought to try and adjust the size
with my monitor and will do some browsing to see if I can find that edit file.
My son(the linux-wizard) told me it would not be as easy to learn as Windows,
but I thought with my dos skills it would not be too bad. LOL well I see that
it will take some time to get this operating system set up so its user
friendly for me.At least I don't have to worry about any blue screens of
death........The only other minor problem I seem to have is occasionally I
can't seem to close a program. This happened when I was trying to get my
Internet connection setup and finally had to log out completely. I know there
is a way to do this and the manual with Linux-Mandrake did not give me any
clues. Penguins forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Gary

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