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  Author  Subject: response to fred m.

Posted on 10-20-2000 09:05 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello Fred:

I'm not aware of any free ISP's in the CNY area that support Linux.

But here's how it can work for you: sign up for NetZero under Windows, but be
certain to use an all-numeric password. Then in *nix, use the MSN nameservers
(or any other fast one) for your DNS entries.

That said, as free ISP's rely on advertising and you won't see any under *nix,
you may then be in violation of their user agreement--which I suggest you read
carefully. In other words, if they sue you for violation of the agreement
don't come crying to me. I honestly feel you would be better off (assuming you
are in CNY) to signup for an account with A to Z Net (IIRC, $10 per month,) or
Wayne's Computers in Elbridge. I don't work for either of them but have had
good reports on the quality of service from folks who have suscribed to both.
With a "free" ISP you'll pay a price--reduced bandwidth, busy signals etc.

And even if you are a student...that's $2.50 per week.

Good Luck~

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