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  Author  Subject: Forward for help from my cousin

Posted on 10-25-2000 11:30 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark R. Sukoenig, OD

I'm sending this message of yours out to two friends of mine who are VERY well
versed in Linux, and most computers
matters, as well as to the Syracuse Linux Users' Group ( . I'm
finally almost done with the setup of my
new Linux system, which will be used as a server for my PC, Laptop Docking
Station, and Anne's new iMac DV. My
PC should also be mostly operated by Mandrake Linux. I want to see the
comments back to you from Al, Mike, and
members of syrlug. They'll be better than anything I could tell you.

Hey Linux Gurus, my cousin, Ethan, is a recent grad of, I believe, a 5 year
computer science program at the University
of Virginia. He's working as a programmer in D.C. His letter, following, is
self explanatory. Replies to "all" would
probably be interesting to all.

Ethan wrote:


How are things man? I'm having a problem here. My Windows Server got hosed
the other day so I moved it over to a BSD operating system (UNIX bassed,
very similar to Linux.) Just this week my boss told me that I was getting
2 more servers to play around with. One of them is definitely getting Sun
Solaris while the other is still up in the air. Of course I immediately
thought of Red Hat Linux 7.0 SERVER. Now here's the rub: since I am the new
guy at work I got screwed with a 440BX chip set (Intel processor) which
means that I have to pay $180 bucks for the Intel version of Red Hat Server
7.0. I know that I could download it for free from their FTP site but would
rather have a copy of CD. How have you liked Linux so far? Have you set it
up as a web server yet? Have you taken advantage of their X-server
capabilities? I definitely want to set this up as a web server but they
don't offer DSL in my area yet. I've built a few software applications that
I want to deploy on the web. One of them lets you build a DYNAMIC web site
from scratch without requiring the user to write a single line of code. If
the administrator doesn't like the look and feel they can edit it visually
through their web browser. Once you have your images and content it takes
less than 5 minutes to build the entire thing. Pretty cool ... eh. can't even do that. later on dude, Ethan

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