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  Author  Subject: Sane as user

Posted on 05-08-2000 03:08 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey


The problem probably does not lie in the permissions of the SANE program
itself, but instead in the permissions of the scanner "device" you're trying
to access. Make sure you (as a user) have all the permissions necessary to
access the device. Not sure which device it is on your system, on mine its
/dev/sgc (the third SCSI Generic Device). On your machine it may be /dev/sga
or something else depending on your configuration and what kind of sane device
you're trying to use.

Try, as root, going to a terminal and running 'scanimage -L' (without the
quotes) to get a list of the available SANE devices. Then, change to your
user account and do the same thing again to see if the device is still
"Available". Then you'll know what file you have to mess with in order to get
it to work.

Drop another msg here with your progress or if you get stuck... be sure to
include lots of info about what scanner you're trying to make work and what
errors the terminal spits back at you.

Good luck,

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