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  Author  Subject: No Lilo present after RH 6.1 install beside Win 98

Posted on 10-29-2000 09:44 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Dean Francis

This is probably a stupid question with an equally obviuos answer, but here

I have successfully installed Red Hat 6.1 (KDE Workstation), along with
Windows 98. This distibution is supposed to have an option to install LiLo
during the installation of Linux. This does not happen. There is no option to
set it up during this proccess. My antivirus scans the MBR at boot up
(Windows), and shows that it has changed.
Partition Magic shows the Linux partitons with used space on them. During
boot up there is no screen for LiLo or any other option for which OS to boot,
the process goes straight into Windows. I am new to Linux, and dual booting
so please try to patient with my ignorance.

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