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  Author  Subject: Response to dr oneill

Posted on 10-31-2000 01:04 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Dean Francis

Thank you for your response. Here is my situation. I am including as much as
I can, in order to be as informative as possible. I have Windows98 already
installed on this machine.

Install from bootable CD ROM
Disk Druid details
<not set> hda1 15233M Win95 FAT 32
<not set> hda5 11981M " " "
/boot hda6 15M Linux Native
/ hda7 2039M " "
<swap> hda8 125M Linux Swap
I Format /dev/hda7 /
and /dev/hda6 /boot
Choose "Install LILO on MBR"
dev/hda MBR
Default boot partiton is "linux" /dev/hda7 Linux Native

no Network config at this time
Set Time Zone
Set Password (root)
No Network Password
Choose Packages I use default set up for Custom Install
printer support, X Window, GNOME, mail/www/news, multimedia support, etc.
Select Graphical Login
Format/Filesystem created
Choose "Make a boot disk
The Packages install, and I get the Congratulations screen, telling me to
reboot. When I do machine goes straight into Windows. I have tried using the
Tab key to launch LILO, no dice.
When using Bootdisk
At boot: I wait to let LILO go to default
I get this error 0x04
Can you see what I am doing wrong, because I don't know where I am going
astray. Thank you.

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