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  Author  Subject: BeOS

Posted on 08-31-2000 05:07 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey

Does the SYRLUG have any interest in the BeOS?

I finally got around to installing it on my machine and it's quite impressive.
I'm thinking of taking a crack at porting the driver for my Davicom onboard
NIC to BeOS, so that I can experiment with the OS further on the 'net. From
what I have seen so far, it has exactly what I've wanted in an OS: a speedy,
responsive, fully-graphical single-user interface; *beautiful* anti-aliased
text, nice icons, a browser that isn't crap, and a powerful command-line.
Although the kernel is closed-source, the rest of the OS seems to be "mostly
open," and from what I've heard, easy to develop for. Al has also exclaimed at
one point about the impressiveness of the filesystem design.

Just wondering what "our" stance on BeOS and QNX and possibly Plan 9, HURD,
Mach, etc. was... whether or not we could be called the Syracuse Linux [ and
various other alternative operating systems that work better than Windows in
one way or another ] user group... or if we're the Syracuse Linux [ and
nothing else because Linux r00lz! ] user group? :-)

Either way, (saving face here) I still prefer open and free software over
closed, expensive, and/or proprietary... and I'll still be available to help
people troubleshoot their Linux-based computers at the SYRLUG meets :-)

Just wonderin'

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