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  Author  Subject: looking for training

Posted on 09-06-2000 06:25 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: bill Marshall

I received linux 4th edition from my wife in November of 99
and could not install it myself.
So I payed a now sold computer store to install it and they did. BUT
have yet to learn how to use it
productively. I tried to get my sound blaster to work and subsequently
lost modules (sound and midi).
Then I down loaded a program from the net to my home directory and was
surprised to find the tar file actually
there. So I disconnected the modem so I could work with the file
(program) I had, only to watch it dissapear
before my very eyes.
My wife laughs because I rave at how powerfull Linux is, but
she only sees my weekendly struggles.
(I'm a truck driver) And she goodnaturedly says how Linux is the gift
that just keeps on giving. (her laughter)
We have a 5 year old left over from our sons college days
and share it. Her window side is always
crashing and the Linux side seldom locks up but does occassionally.
Is there a site I could go to learn how to successfully
accomplish simple tasks? Also, our son
works for the Gov. and I would love to be able to chat with him from my
Linux side. Will the Linux chat program
work with other platforms ICQ or Yahoo messenger or AOL instant mesenger
for example or does the person I
want to chat with need to be using Linux Chat also???
I have rtfm 3 times, but whenever I try to do thing I just keep making
things worse hope you can stear me in the right direction.
I was able to go to one of the installfests and that hands on type of thing
seems to work best for me hope you do that again some weekend.
thanks for any help you can spare.

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