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  Author  Subject: looking for training

Posted on 09-06-2000 09:03 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Don


The first thing I would like to suggest, try to pic up one of the newer
distrobutions of Linux, I would consider Mandrake or Caldera. Both have easy
installs on most machines, and are availlable at the Syrlug meetings for $7.

For instant messaging, there is kicq, which is compatable with icq, and GAIM
which is for AIM. I use GAIM and it works well. I am always chatting with my
AOL using family members from my linux box using GAIM.

You didn't say which SB card you have, but most of the newer distros will
configure it during install. I have a SBLive which used to be a real headache
to get working, now its detected, and ready to go on first boot. No prob.

Sounds like you got the modem working, and that is a big step for most people.

Some Hardware specifics would help. Don't want to get your hopes up, I have
seen problems arise trying to get newer versions of linux up and running on
some older machines.

Lots of people willing to help from the linux comunity. Keep posting, read the
newsgroups, visit the users group meetings, etc. For most, myself included,
it's a slowwwww learning process, but very rewarding.

If I can be of any help, email me


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