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  Author  Subject: Strange green GNU billboards downtown?

Posted on 09-06-2000 12:45 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey

Has anybody seen the strange green GNU billboards downtown? If you drive from
Erie Blvd. and University toward the city on Erie, there's two billboards up
sporting the slogan, "Get ready for breeding GNU". It's set against a cheap
too-much-contrast digital camera shot of Erie Boulevard from inside a
vehicle... you can see the side of the Key Maintenece building in the shot,
and the rear-view mirror on the windshield. Superimposed on this is a green
GNU standing in the middle of the road. (Looking like it's about to be hit by
the car :)

Two minutes later, there's another billboard, same shot, but sporting the
additional slogan "more time, more space" (or something like that).

Seems there's a local(?) company(?) not only supporting, but advertising for
free software, which I think is very cool. Too bad there's no such thing as
hyperlinks on billboards... I'd really like to find out more info.

Now that I'm being converted into a Be apologist, I'm wondering if said
company is pushing GNU/Linux... or simply free softare, which will run fine on

P.S. I can't make the meeting tonite, previous engagements. Have fun,


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