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  Author  Subject: Installing RealAudio for Linux

Posted on 09-06-2000 10:33 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Dr. Mark

Oops, I sent this as an email before discovering that I should be posting it

At the meeting tonight Mike Miller (not the editor of PC Magazine ... and not
the Dewitt Dentist) asked me exactly what DID I download when I told him that
I downloaded RealAudio for Linux.

Tonight I discovered the little icon of a house on my taskbar at the top of
the screen (LinuxMandrake 7.1) that says it shows all the files on my
computer, or, at least, on my Linux partition. So I find that I have
downloaded both
rp7 linux alpha rh62 cs1.bin
rp7 linux sparc rh62 cs1.bin

Now that I've got two ... which should I try to install? Any ideas ...

Please include me as a cc: in your reply. Thanks a whole

Dr. Mark

Mark R. Sukoenig, OD (not dot com)

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