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  Author  Subject: RealAudio for Linux

Posted on 09-08-2000 06:50 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Sukoenig

Thanks. I did a Google search for exactly the file name you listed below.
It came up with several sources. I went to the following one:
and saw several available files (folders?, programs?), three of which
had little 010 symbols across their folder icons.
The one you suggested didn't have this. When I clicked on it, it downloaded
lots and lots of solid-typed symbols.

The choices that were offered in addition to yours were:
rp7 solaris27 sparc b2.bin

Since the third of these said complete setup, I clicked on it, and it
downloaded. These three all said "Binary Executable".

When I went to the install file and clicked on it, however, I got "warning,
kfm could not execute program".

So next I clicked on another downloaded install file, rp7 linux alpha rh62
cs1.bin, and got the same warning.

Lastly (so far) I clicked on: rp7 linux sparc rh62 cs1.bin, and got what is,
to me, the dreaded "open with" window. I never know what to do there when it
happens in Windows either. Any suggestions?


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