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  Author  Subject: Re: Mandrake 7.1 C/C++

Posted on 09-08-2000 09:35 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> I don't appear to have iostream.h (or any other C++ include
> headers) installed.

Well, I don't run Mandrake, but I have one of the SyrLUG CDs. Mine
is release 7.0-2, so your version numbers may be a little different.
From scanning the CD, it appears the C++ headers are in package
egcs-c++-1.1.2-24mdk and install into /usr/include/g++-2/*.h. See if
you have egcs-c++ installed and look in /usr/include/g++-2.

> I've tried several likely-looking .rpm's, but I seem to be
> making a mess.

Before you install a package, read its info (-i) and list of files (-l)

% rpm -q -i -l -p package.rpm

> I have 3 or 4 copies each of C/C++ include headers such as
> stdio.h and string.h in various directories.

Have you been moving things around manually (a bad idea)? RPM has a
packing list for its files, so it should put them in a standard place.

You can verify the egcs-c++ package (if it's installed) with:

% rpm -V egcs-c++

You can query if a file belongs to some package or if it's a stray

% rpm -q -f /path/to/file

And you don't need to be root for rpm's query and verify commands.


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