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  Author  Subject: Mark's printing problems

Posted on 09-09-2000 02:04 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: DR ONEILL

Hello Dr. Mark:

The solution for your printing problems would appear to be an easy one.

First you'll need the appropriate drivers. For the HP, you'll need the
pnm2pp2a which can be found at

For the Epson 440, I think you'll need the stc800p. I have this driver and
could e-mail it to you if you need it, or provide a link.

That said, you'll then need (in MDK 7.1) to use the printtool utility to set
up the printer. This is done from a console--simply type printtool at the
command prompt. As I don't use Corel, I can only surmise that they have a
similar utility.

Feel free to e-mail me if you're still having a problem, or to call me if you
like. I can talk you through this on the phone in a few minutes. I'll be home
most of the day today and all evening


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