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  Author  Subject: question for mark krentel and all members

Posted on 09-09-2000 07:31 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello Mark:

As I've just finished a major and beastly writing project, I now actually
have some time to contribute. What sort of tutorials would the SyrLug folks
like to see? I am open to suggestions and will put my efforts to whatever the
majority decides. It would seem to me that Roadrunner connection procedures
would be handy for many, as well as printer connections and SAMBA. But I've
digressed...let the community decide. I realise that none of you know who I
am. Does it really matter? Al knows.

I can be reached at:, or by telephone at 315 449 9937.

No calls after 9PM on Sunday to Thurs, please. Weekend OK until very late.

Kindest Regards,

DR O'Neill

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