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  Author  Subject: Re: modem

Posted on 05-10-2000 03:05 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

In choosing a modem for Linux, the main thing is to NOT get a
WinModem. A WinModem has no ROM chip. They put the drivers on the
disk, which is very bad for Linux. ISA modems are probably ok, be
careful with PCI. Or, you can go with external, they can't do these
evil things with external modems.

Beyond that, make sure it does V.90. Opinions vary widely on generic
versus name brand, but In Mark's Humble Opinion, the quality of your
phone line is more important than the quality of your modem. I've
been happy with my Diamond Supra Express (NOT the Supra Max).

Best Buy and Comp USA in Carousel have modems. There are several
computer stores up and down Erie Blvd. And there's always mail order.


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