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  Author  Subject: Re: Roadrunner, servers & portscans

Posted on 09-11-2000 07:58 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: DR O'Neill

Hello Jym:

Roadrunner definitely frowns on running servers. If one is to read the fine
print on the user agreement, all of this is clear *lol* However, I've had
conversations with a few senior techs at rr and came up with the following
info (and this was all off the record): They likely would not bother you is
traffic was minimal...their concern is bandwidth. In nearly every case in
which they have closed someone's account for running a server, it was a
student hosting an mp3 server or something similar that was getting massive
hits. As far as business class goes, one is paying for a static IP address,
thus assuming major bandwidth usage. Am not sure of their policies, but will
check with a friend here in Dewitt who has bc. I know he is not running a
server or website, but will have a look at his contract. I suspect he's
paying way too much money for something he does not need. long as they come from the appropriate rr server, I would not
worry. They regularly check so a decision can be made (by a bot) as to
whether a dhcp lease should be kept alive, and whether or not it should be
renewed. While I cannot recall the addies offhand, it's easy enough to check


DR O'Neill

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