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  Author  Subject: DHCP and roadrunner presentation?

Posted on 09-12-2000 04:14 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mikey


I've tried to do a "How to get your linux machine on Roadrunner" demo before, for Point N Click... without much success.

The reason is, Roadrunner ususally installs the 3Com 3c509b ISA Ethernet card into their customers' machines... and that card can be a bucket of pain for all but the most seasoned Linux user to get up and running. The card does some funky stuff with plug and play and windows that Linux dosen't like very much (as far as I can tell.)

I finally snagged one of these cards to play with, though... so I'm working on a step-by-step guide on how to make it work right the first time.

Once the hardware works, however, getting online is a breeze. But for whoever does the presentation: it would be good to cover some of the security risks of being on a cable modem with linux. (Some distributions default to open telnet ports, some have by default a mail daemon running that can be accessed by any schmoe on the net...)

Also on a related note, I've noticed a bug in a Mandrake networking script over the weekend. If you are using Mandrake 7.1 and dhcpcd to connect to the net, there's a bug in /etc/network-scripts/ifup. (Mandrake may have released an update for this, but that's not helpful if you can't get online in the first place!) You have to make these two changes, they occur only one place in the file:
look for 'pump|dhcpcd' and change to 'pump'
look for 'dhcpxd' and change to 'dhcpxd|dhcpcd'
Basically, the Mandrake script tries to call dhcpcd with the -i <interface> option... that's not the correct syntax. With dhcpcd, the -i means something else.

One final note: Here's my vote for semimonthly meetings :-)


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