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  Author  Subject: Re: dhcp & rr presentation

Posted on 09-14-2000 07:51 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hi Mikey:

I certainly agree with your comments--the biggest obstacle is configuration
of the 3com 509b, or for that matter nearly any other ISA PnP NIC. And of
course, let's not forget NE2000 "compatible" and PCMCIA cards. I've endured
oceans of pain on this stuff and still have much to learn, but hope I've
learned enough to save others some trouble. I've come to agree with the
doughnut yourself a few headaches and use a cheap PCI PnP NIC.

Re: dhcp. I'm certainly not an expert on that either, but have gleaned some
knowledge that one I've never seen in a HOWTO or posted in a newsgroup. Most
of this involves leases etc. Am taking a long weekend to organise this and
write a first draft. Will keep you posted.


dr oneill

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