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  Author  Subject: Response to Matt Coulter

Posted on 09-17-2000 01:58 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello Matt:

PPoE will be no problem at the ISP's end. The snag comes in at the client

The client (end user) will need the following:

2.0 or 2.2x kernel
kernel support for packet sockets
pppd daemon 2.3.7 (AFAIK, all newer distros include this.)
A working NIC
ASDL service and an ASDL modem

You spoke of a multi-computer environment--I assume you meant on the client
side. In this instance, if the ISP deploys a router at the user's site, no
ASDL modem will be required and all is handled via dhcp.

Another issue is that there are differences btwn Free BSD, RH, Solaris, Corel
and others in the ways a few things are handled, so each of these distros
requires its own version of the PPPoE clent-side software. Not to worry
though, as all of this is open source and available at no cost. It is a good
idea to use this stuff instead of what is included in a particular distro as
doing so cuts the user's setup time to approximately 10 minutes.

At the ISP end there are a few other issues regarding access concentrators,
discovery and session management, but it's all pretty basic--especially with
PADI (PPPoE active discovery initiation.)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or better yet give me a ring
at home. I could probably go through all of this in far less time over the
phone. I'll be available after 3:30 PM today, Sunday 17 September.


dr oneill
315 449 9937

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