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  Author  Subject: Install Fest II

Posted on 09-21-2000 04:27 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello All:

I look forward to attending Install Fest but do not drive. Do any of those
attending live in the Dewitt area? I live not too far from E. Genesee St. and
Jamesville Road. If you don't live in the area but will be passing by that
intersection I'd be grateful for a lift. Public transport does not seem to be
an option to the Dreamscape location.

Also: a question for Mark Krentel....anything in particular I should bring? I
do plan on bringing my laptop; I have a spare HDD for it, so if anyone wanted
to experiment with partitioning or anything else it would not be a problem. I
could also bring a small Netgear 5 port hub in the event folks wanted to deal
with networking stuff. I've plenty of spare cables. Could also bring the
following distros:

RH 5.1, RH 6.0, RH 7.0 (Pinstripe,) MDK 6.5, MDK 7.0, MDK 7.1

Please let me know.

Kindest Regards,

dr oneill


315 449 9937

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