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  Author  Subject: vacation find!!

Posted on 04-14-2001 03:27 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: bill marshall

I almost forgot to let you all know what I found
on vacation. While we were at Virginia my brother
in law took us to a book fair. Here is the web add
I spent over an hour just in the computer section.
I got BRU Personel Edition for LINUX for $3.99
The GIMP by David D. Busch for $10.00 and SAMS
Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hours for $7.50.
We had a great time shopping and saved tons of money.
These are all new too not used. This place is great!
Next time you get on line, check them out they are only
a couple miles off Inter State 81 easy to get to.

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