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  Author  Subject: Ftape and Samba and roadrunner, oh my...

Posted on 05-13-2000 01:03 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Fred Richards

Have a few questions if anyone can help me out. I'm playing around a bit with
redhat 5.2 and mandrake 7.0 (mandrake being a dual boot on my win98 machine
and the redhat box is a dedicated linux box). On the redhat machine, I am
trying to get ftape 4.04 to work. I installed the rpms, which I got from the
ftape site, and I just can't seem to get it to work. I think I have some
resource settings wrong. The drive is an internal tape drive, connected off
the floppy controller. Its an old QIC-80 Conner 51250N, the type that takes
the DC2120 (120mb) tapes. I thought this would be great for linux backups
(seeing as I have about 20 tapes, I want to make use of them). The machine
itself is a PCChips motherboard, Pentium 233 mmx, 64 megs of edo ram, and
kernel 2.0.36 (redhat apollo). I've been through the documentation tons of
times, but can't access the tape drive in anyway... Any ideas?

Also, I have successfully gotten samba to share drives with my windows 98 se
machine, and vice versa, with encrypted passwords. But this is a closed
system (private network between my Win98Se/Mandrake7 machine and the Redhat
5.2 machine, & What I'd like to know is how does one
configure this type of thing with roadrunner thrown into the fray? I can
change /etc/smb.conf for one particular ip address, but when RR changes my ip,
do I have to reconfigure it again? I have not successfully shared drives on a
local network (only) on a machine which also has Roadrunner internet access
under linux (using samba, and with encrypted passwords!) Any thoughts on this
matter would be greatly appreciated. I might post this to the mailing
list too. (I have been on it, just sort of silent until now, sorry guys ;)

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