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  Author  Subject: am i missing something?

Posted on 08-20-2001 09:48 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: bill marshall

I have come here often to look for new ?'s and answers, but don't see anything
new. Are people now getting their answers by e-mail instead of the forum
postings? Does the group have the Mandrake 8.0 cd yet? I just got back from
vacation and now I must go back out on the road, I've only been able to attend
one meeting long ago. I think it was Oct 99, I got a mandrake (7.0-2 air) cd
then and have installed it several times because I have no "administrator
abilities" so I just do it over. Old dogs are hard to teach. Any chance that
you might have a Saturday meeting? I get home every weekend :) The weekdays
are just impossible for me. Thanks for being there.
Sincerely bill marshall in fulton.

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