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  Author  Subject: Apache Config

Posted on 12-14-2001 10:34 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Dan

I am having a slight problem with virtual domain configuration. In the past, I
have placed all of my web pages in the /var/www directory. Recently, a few
friends have asked to post pages on my server. I would like to point there
domain names to a directory in there home directoy (rather than give people
ftp access to my main web space...) I set up my Vhosts file to point the
domain names to the appropriate directorys in each users home dir, and used
chmod 755 to set the directory permissions, but for some reason I am getting a
"You do not have access to / on this server" error when I try to access the page.

Any advice would be much appriciated. I have been going nuts with this problem
for the last few days...



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