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  Author  Subject: Re: Command refresh

Posted on 12-26-2001 01:28 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> Its been awhile since I have been using linux, and I am just getting back
> into it, so I have forgoten alot of basic commands. The command that
> I am trying to remember does this:
> <command> <refresh rate> <opt. command(finger @localhost, ps -ef etc.)>
> The command just basically refreshes the opt. command at set intervals.

Perhaps what you mean is cron. Cron doesn't really refresh a command,
it runs it at regular intervals: hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Look at
/etc/crontab and read "man 5 crontab". (Unfortunately, there doesn't
appear to be a Howto for cron.)

But if you want something to run from the shell, then there isn't a
separate command for this. Generally, a command would refresh itself
if it made sense to do so, but that's on a command by command basis.
For example, "top -d", "ping -i", "netstat -c", etc.

You can continually rerun a command from bash with:

while true ; do <command> ; sleep <seconds> ; done

Then use ^C to quit. But, like cron, this doesn't "refresh" the command.
It reruns it from scratch every so many seconds, which may or may not
make sense depending on the command.


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