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  Author  Subject: RE: Using Wine to Run Windows Applications

Posted on 12-27-2001 06:15 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "vasudeva" <>

> I am trying to switch to Linux to run all my applications. It seems that
> using wine would server my purposes. I have downloaded and installed wine
> from Codeweavers, but I cannot get it to run any windows applications. Has
> anybody been sucessful in using wine? Is there more complete
> documentation on any other site?

Hehe... I had the same hope just before trying it myself -- then I
encountered the bewilderingly short list of applications WINE will actually
run. The authors make a point of saying it's a way to "run Windows
applications without MIcrosoft," as opposed to "run Microsoft software on
Linux" or something like that. The upshot is, a huge number of popular apps
don't work under WINE. This includes most MS software, as far as I could

Hopefully, I was just being lazy, and didn't do my homework enough, and your
results will be different. Let me know if so -- getting my girlfriend's
Outlook Express running in X would make it lots easier to switch to Linux
(or FreeBSD).


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