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  Author  Subject: RE: Using Wine to Run Windows Applications

Posted on 12-27-2001 09:23 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Steven Brock

Yes, You can register for a 30 day evaluation license from (Take a look at the Worksatation)
VMWare is real nice as you can network the guest OS with the host.
(Windows ME is not supported) There is also Win4Lin and Bochs
Check out this artical from LinuxWorld:

(If posting links to other sites is a no-no, sorry)


>It's been a while since I used linux, but I know there was a program called
>VMWare that was supposed to by top notch at running Win32 apps in Linux. I
know >they used to have a free evaluation copy, and I think the full version
was >around $100 or so.. Look it up on line, good luck! -Matt

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