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  Author  Subject: RE: Using Wine to Run Windows Applications

Posted on 12-28-2001 12:36 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Steven Brock=0D

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I've used Wine and VM but prefer Win4Lin. I may be a bit biased as I have
been a beta tester for them from the start but think it is a good product=
=2E I
find WINE a valiant effort but still basically unusable. VM is great but
geared toward the corporate market. Win4Lin runs nearly every Win app kno=
including games and is $80.=0D
URL: http://www.netraverse
They do not have a free evaluation download but do offer a no-questions
asked refund policy.=0D
It can be purchased and downloaded online and is also available in horror
shops like Comp USA Sucks.=0D
I'd dload and do it online rather than deal with those Comp folk.=0D
Happy Holidays!=0D
Dennis R. O'Neill III=0D
-------Original Message-------=0D
Date: Thursday, December 27, 2001 21:23:21=0D
Subject: RE: Using Wine to Run Windows Applications=0D
Date: Thu Dec 27 21:23:17 EST 2001=0D
Name: Steven Brock=0D
Subject: RE: Using Wine to Run Windows Applications=0D
Yes, You can register for a 30 day evaluation license from=0D (Take a look at the Worksatation)=0D
VMWare is real nice as you can network the guest OS with the host.=0D
(Windows ME is not supported) There is also Win4Lin and Bochs=0D
Check out this artical from LinuxWorld:=0D
(If posting links to other sites is a no-no, sorry)=0D
>It's been a while since I used linux, but I know there was a program cal=
>VMWare that was supposed to by top notch at running Win32 apps in Linux.=
know >they used to have a free evaluation copy, and I think the full vers=
was >around $100 or so.. Look it up on line, good luck! -Matt =0D

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