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  Author  Subject: system out of sync with what's really going on

Posted on 02-06-2001 11:21 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Ben Gazarra

i did something really stupid the other night. i tried to mount my
windows partition into a directory while it was allready mounted at
another mount point. this caused everything to hang and i had to control
alt delete. this has resulted in a few problems
1) the KDE login is looping, ie I login, hit enter and then I get a blank
login prompt again. if i try to start KDE from a command line i get:
"not enough free disk space on /tmp"

2)the mount point onto which i had mounted the win partition on still
seems to be mounted even though its not mentioned in /etc/fstab after a
restart - if i try to umount it i get:
"umount: /dev/hda1: not found
umount: /mnt/win98: not mounted

these messages seem inconsistant with the fact that i can see all the
files on the win98 partition with ls.

any thoughts anyone?

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