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  Author  Subject: RE: Gordon

Posted on 02-10-2001 07:14 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Rich Reiter

Gordon said:

"So far, SuSE 7.0 failed to work with DNS in Netscape,
Red Hat 7.0 won't even recognise my mouse at all on install..."

What type of mouse are you using? Have you contacted SuSe or RedHat
regarding your problems???? Both have email support if you have purchased a
boxed set from them. Both can be had for $29 plus tax. There are plenty of
books available that also have the RedHat 6.2 with it. The RedHat installer
should be able to correct your partition problem. About a year ago I
started learning Linux and encountered the same problems that you are
describing with partitions. I purchased Partition Magic 5.0 and solved my
problem. Are you running windows with Linux, or are you installing Linux as
the only O/S ?

Not to Worry Gordon - - Linux will not fall off of the shelf and into your
head, you will have to read, mark, and study - - but anything worth having is
worth paying for. Right? Right. Don't give up, as you will be stronger and
more knowledgable after you have climbed the mountain... The learning curve
may be more than you originally believed, but the end result will be that you
will be far better informed and more able to share your knowledge with those
coming behind you.

Happy computing always,

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