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  Author  Subject: Eazel/Nautilus

Posted on 02-20-2001 06:24 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Sukoenig

Here's a cut-and-paste from the Emazing Linux Tip of the Day.
Does anyone know if this should work with LinuxMandrake 7.2, too?
Linux Tip of the Day - (TEXT)
Tuesday February 20, 2001

Nautilus News

If you've kept up with Linux in the news, you've
undoubtedly heard about Eazel and their new desktop product
Nautilus. Nautilus is a new filemanager/browser for Linux
that many are looking to as the next step in making Linux
easier to use as a desktop operating system. And it seems
that Eazel has been very busy in the last week of January.

The final preview release of Nautilus was released on
January 30, 2001. Eazel also announced on January 29 that
its new alliance with Red Hat will make Nautilus the
default desktop for all future releases of Red Hat's Linux

If you haven't seen Nautilus yet, click here and check out the demo of the

If you have Red Hat Linux installed, you can download the preview release

- John Gowin

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