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  Author  Subject: ATI Video Cards and X11R6

Posted on 01-08-2001 04:21 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Sean C.


I havent had alot of experience with your card in particular but found a fix
for another ATI card called the ATI rage mobility. I think it may work for
you also. All you need to do is go to and download X
Windows 4.0.2, they did alot of work on all the ATI drivers with this recent
release and I havent found one that has proven to be a problem. This is
probably the most straight forward method of using a ATI card with X Windows.
I dont beleive there are any linux netzero software at this time, they are
probably pretty tight fisted about it because the linux community could
probably find a way around there ads very easily, and thats how they stay in
business. I have found a that local ISP such as Dreamscape is the best bet
since they dont use any special software to make the connection or surf the

Sean Campbell

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