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  Author  Subject: modems, netzero, and stuff

Posted on 01-08-2001 10:15 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

I'll bundle several messages into one here ...

Rich Reiter claims:
> The internal Supra Express IS NOT SUPPORTED and
> WILL NOT WORK under Linux.

Well, I own two of them [Diamond Supra Express modems] and they work
fine in Linux. Mine are >1 year old, so maybe Diamond has changed the
design. But I'm pretty sure no because I looked at one the boxes in
Comp USA this afternoon and it's still an ISA modem with a flashable
ROM chip. Perhaps you're thinking of the Supra MAX, a PCI winmodem,
which won't work in Linux.

Btw, even though I bought a name brand (Diamond), In Mark's Humble
Opinion, generic is fine for modems. The quality of your phone line
is more important than the quality of your modem.

And there is work on supporting winmodems in Linux. It's still pretty
experimental, so at the very least, you'll have to apply kernel patches.
But the better strategy is to not use a winmodem.

As for NetZero, I haven't tried them. But for any dialup ISP, the key
question is do they run PPP. If they use standard, straightforward
PPP, then you should be able to connect from anything. But if they
add proprietary "features", then go somewhere else.

Dr. Mark (not me) asks:
> By the way, why the heck isn't it called Mandrake Linux? In English we
> usually put the modifier before the word ... red ball, ugly date <G>,

Mandrake is a French group and those Frenchies put the adjective after
the noun. Linux is an international project, SuSE is a German group,
Linus is from Finland, etc. Red Hat is in North Carolina, but Hat Red
is from China. :-)

And to Bill Marshall, you're welcome, glad the advice helps.


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