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  Author  Subject: response to Dr. Mark re: Epson 777

Posted on 01-09-2001 08:16 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello Dr. Mark:

The Epson 777 Color Stylus will work well, but not perfectly, in any newer
Linux distro.

You'll need to use:

1. The stcany.upp driver (ok at 360x360) but will discover that coulours are
a bit dodgy.

2. 740 uniprint drivers work, but again the colours are dodgy.

3. the stp driver is likely the best choice (it's available at Sourceforge.

Keep in mind the 777 wil not support PJL. That said, it's also the same as
the Colour Stylus 680, which is only available in Europe.

I'd also have a look at newer versions of gimp-print/stp (later than 4.0) as
it provides explicit support for the 680. That said, just tell Mandrake a wee
fib--pretend it's a 680 you have. The OS will never find out.


dr oneill

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